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Flat Top Copings

Flat top copings are not designed to drain rainwater and are instead better suited to walls where railings are to be fitted. All our copings are supplied with water drips unless otherwise requested. Water drips vary between moulds from 8 – 12mm half round or square drips. The coping must overhang the wall by at least 25mm each side for the water drip channel to function properly, however British Standard states 45mm of overhang each side. All copings are supplied with slightly drafted edges to allow for de-moulding.

Standard Flat Top Copings

Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (mm)
Weight (kgs)
600 x 150 x 50
450 x 215 x 70
500 x 250 x 80
600 x 300 x 50
600 x 350 x 50
900 x 380 x 50
600 x 380 x 70
600 x 400 x 50
600 x 450 x 50
880 x 450 x 80
500 x 500 x 50
600 x 600 x 50
Gret FT Coping (Isometric)
Gret FT Coping (front)
Grey - FT Coping (On Wall)

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